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By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 07/19/2012
Prominent social media companies.
Interactivity Series #4: Social Media
The last few years have been a constant buzz about social media. Facebook and Twitter are names that everyone knows, and there are many others with their own twist on the same set of ideas. You already know about social media, though — many of you have asked us to incorporate Twitter or Facebook into your website. Let's look a bit closer at the whole phenomenon.

The success of social media has made it a popular for businesses. But wait! A Facebook page and a button on your website won’t guarantee success. We've seen a lot of companies set up Facebook and Twitter accounts because they've heard it's what you have to do. Is that true for your company?

Having a Facebook or Twitter account that your company never uses is worse than not having an account at all. The echoing emptiness of your Facebook page will send the resounding message that nothing is going on with your company. If you're going to get social, do it right!

Find a social media platform that your customers are using. No idea where to start? Mashable provides a quick look at who’s using what. Consider your message: if you're business-to-business, offer advice and trends. Do you sell to consumers? Send regular dispatches about what's new. A personal touch and frequent interaction is essential. The goal is for people to want to think about and look at your offerings, so be sure you are driving people from social media to your website rather than the other way around. Excited and ready? JTech can help you take advantage of social media today.
Out on a Limb
Out on a Limb's Website
Out on a Limb Gallery
This month we're featuring Bozeman's newest art gallery: Out on a Limb. Out on a Limb Gallery is in downtown Bozeman and curates a playful assortment of functional and decorative art. 

The site we built for Out on a Limb shines a spotlight on the same whimsical, handcrafted aesthetic that permeates their gallery. Do you have a taste for fresh and funky home art? Take a stroll through their website.

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