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SEO for Trillium Integrative Medicine

Project Overview

Trillium's team wanted to speed up their organic growth following a website design refresh that set them up for success with a new, performant, keyword-rich site. They began by booking a six-month local SEO plan to help them promote their new Ketamine & IV pages. 

Trillium Integrative Medicine began working with our team of SEO experts in 2022.
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What We Did

What We Did

Trillium's refreshed website design outperformed its old Wix site in every way — including search-optimized code. So, our SEO team could begin optimizing without worrying about technical site performance. Our team began implementing their local SEO strategy by:

  • Adding new keywords and pages for ketamine & IV
  • Optimizing meta descriptions
  • Building high-quality backlinks
  • Updating their Google Business Profile
  • Ensuring that all keywords were tailored to their ideal customers

Our team made sure each page focused on educating future customers. Trillium's pages detail the process, potential benefits, and available treatments at their clinic. This content composition connects Trillium's customers with effective answers as fast as possible. 


Trillium's results speak for themselves. In the first three-quarters of their service, Trillium Integrative Medicine experienced incredible results. Their web traffic improved Q1 vs. Q3, 2023 in the following ways:

  • Visits grew an average of 26% 
  • Page views per session rose an average of 62% 
  • Mobile search impressions grew by an average of 14%

Their local SEO results point to several key takeaways. Trillium's: 

  • Visibility in the local market is growing at a healthy rate
  • Their organic search performance is reaching the right audience
  • They are likely experiencing increased foot traffic (gains in local mobile visibility often mean better performance in 'near-me' searches) 

After the first quarter of their SEO, Trillium noted a noticeable uptick in clinic visits. We're proud to say that Trillium will continue to work with our team following their first six months of SEO. We're excited to help Trillium Integrative Medicine grow its organic traffic in the future. 

Let's work together.