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Smart Scheduling for American Paintball Park

by Joshua Reynolds - October 16, 2013
Signing up for a day of paintballing.
American Paintball Park is a recreational paintball park in Livermore, California. In addition to paintball, American Paintball Park offers laser tag. Teamwork, leadership, fun and safety are on the menu every day.

Our Bozeman, Montana advanced website development team upgraded American Paintball Park's website with an online scheduling system that helps clients reserve space at their event facility. We designed and built them a custom website calendaring system that manages availability and reservations for paintball parties of differing lengths and sizes without double-booking or manual data entry for who booked what and when.

The new website system’s design takes potential paintballers through an easy web interaction — first, pick how long a party you want and how many friends you'll be bringing. Second, pick an available slot for parties of that length. Then, let American Paintball know who you are and how they can get ahold of you to keep your reservation. That's it! Web development that makes it as easy to schedule an event as splattering your friend with a few rounds of brightly-colored pigment.

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