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PPC for Laundry Loops

Project Overview

Laundry Loops began working with our team of PPC experts in Q2, 2022.

Laundry Loops is a local Montana business that manufactures and sells their patented Laundry Loop® product. Laundry Loops help schools, laundromats, etc., keep large loads of clothing sorted during the washing process. 

The effectiveness of their products has created a unique, niche market that attracted several businesses who began copying their trademark and running aggressive shopping ads. Laundry Loops needed the help of our PPC experts to compete with these copycat businesses. They also wanted to increase their sales by optimizing which products they market. 
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What We Did

What We Did

Our design & development team had already refreshed their online store in 2017. Their improved Page Quality Score gave our eCommerce PPC team a solid base to work with.

Our marketing team began by setting up a Google Merchant Center account. This would allow our team to run shopping ads. Afterward, we created a shopping ad campaign that: 

  • Assigned unique budgets to each product in their shopping ad campaign
  • Followed our eCommerce & audience specific keyword research

This allowed our team to optimize ad spending on a per-item basis. We followed this preparation work with careful ad performance management to significantly lower Laundry Loop's cost-per-click (CPC) over time. 


Laundry Loop's PPC campaign has been an overwhelming success. In one year, their shopping ad campaign has experienced:

  • 68.56% decrease in cost-per-click in Q2 2023 vs Q2 2022 ($0.61 vs $1.94) 
  • An 82.55% decrease in cost-per-click in Q3 2023 vs Q3 2022 ($0.85 vs $4.87)
  • 944.33% increase in impressions in Q2 2023 vs Q2 2022 (212,000 vs 20,300)
  • 75.12% increase in impressions in Q3 2023 vs Q3 2022 (71,000 vs 41,000)

These PPC results show how a well-managed shopping ad campaign can improve your eCommerce sales. We're excited to help Laundry Loops expand their online store with eCommerce PPC for years to come. 

Let's work together.