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PPC for The Gem Gallery

Project Overview

Bozeman's Gem Gallery has trusted us as their partner in online business for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve improved their search engine optimization (SEO), paid traffic (PPC), and eCommerce jewelry store website. 

Our PPC experts began managing Gem Gallery's campaign in 2020. Their team needed help reaching new audiences in the Gallatin Valley, promoting seasonal sales, and boosting sales overall.
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What We Did

What We Did

We began running aggressive Google Ads PPC campaigns for the Gem Gallery in 2020. Our main priority was increasing traffic to their key products.

Our PPC experts focused their strategy on the following:

  • Specialty product features like Yogo sapphires 
  • Historically popular products
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Writing Google ads that spoke directly to the Gem Gallery’s target audiences

We also worked to optimize the keywords and performance for the pages our PPC ads were linked to. This increased each page's Google Ads Quality. Google will send ads to the most performant websites when all else is equal. 

We saw an immediate increase in traffic and conversions to the Gem Gallery's website following the launch of their PPC campaign.

Over the years, we've advertised for the Gem Gallery using a combination of smart ads, search ads, and shopping ads. Our team of PPC experts continually optimized each campaign for the best performance. 


Our PPC ad professionals optimized the Gem Gallery's campaign to drive efficient traffic. For the Gem Gallery, our team of experts defined 'efficient traffic' as 'more traffic for less money.' Their cost-per-click (CPC) — more traffic for less money — has improved over the years. Our PPC team achieved this drop in per-click spend by writing PPC ads that spoke to their target audience.

  • The Gem Gallery's cost-per-click (CPC) dropped 88% (Q2 & Q3 2020 vs Q2&Q3 2023). 
  • Over the years, the Gem Gallery's click-through rate (CTR) has increased by 257.97% (Q2 & Q3 2020 vs Q2&Q3 2023). 
  • The Gem Gallery's PPC ads drove, on average, a 924.77% increase in quarterly visits in 2023. 

These results show how a targeted campaign can help your business grow in an incredibly competitive market. We're excited to help Gem Gallery continue expanding their online store with eCommerce PPC for years to come. 

Let's work together.