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Off-page optimization opportunities.

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 12/18/2013
Off-page optimization sends traffic to your website. Photo credit: <a href="https://download.unsplash.com/9/barcelona-traffic.jpg">Unsplash</a>
Social media can be integral to off-page optimization.
Last month we discussed on-page optimization, an important strategy to expand your website’s audience and improve organic search engine ranking by affecting your site’s relevancy for specific topics. This month we’re going to talk about off-page optimization, a much larger collection of SEO strategies used individually or collectively to help your website find a bigger audience by improving the popularity of your site’s content.

Inviting social interaction.

Many forms of off-page optimization are interactive (or social) in nature. Interactive optimization is the art and science of engaging with your customers and encouraging them to create links and activity that drive traffic to your website. We’ve written about some of these in past articles of the JTech Dispatch — using social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, publishing a blog, or spreading your message via video using services like YouTube or DailyMotion. Google and other major search engines measure your company’s social authority — the level of trusted activity associated with your company — and consider it when ranking your popularity in their search results. Using social media and interacting with your customers digitally can generate truly awesome results — and it requires your company to be dedicated to offering attractive unique quality content and encouraging that interaction.

Establishing a presence in your industry.

Going beyond efforts to create conversations with your customers and invite them to link back to your website, off-page optimization includes press releases, publishing articles in industry-specific publications, and fostering an active, cross-pollinating relationship with other businesses in your industry. This second, industry-oriented type of off-page optimization establishes your company as an active, trusted contributor to your industry and uses that authority to improve your standing in natural search results.

These are just a few of the possibilities for off-page optimization. JTech offers a Montana based Internet marketing and optimization service that carefully researches your industry, competitors, target markets and your website’s current performance for search rankings and customer reach. Our custom website marketing planning service is designed to create and deploy a cohesive digital strategy that is form-fitted to your company and website. Call us or email us today if you’d like our (SEO) help.
The first of the new top-level domain names have become available for trademark holders. If your company holds a trademark and is interested in either pre-registration or blocking registrations against your trademark, be sure to register with the Trademark Clearinghouse to protect your trademark. Or talk to us about how we can help you protect your trademarked names and participate in the Sunrise launch.

In January 2014, a “landrush” for all interested parties will begin for the first of the newly-available gTLD domain names. If you’re interested in learning more about registering unique, high impact domain names, contact us today.
Estes Park Medical Center Logo
The new Estes Park Medical Center website.
Estes Park Medical Center
We’ve worked closely with the talented folks at Colorado’s Estes Park Medical Center to design and develop an advanced new custom website, which just launched! Their site is expansive and inclusive, providing a beautiful portal to their physicians, services, health information and a number of important tools to help their patients.

Estes Park’s website includes a comprehensive employment section for qualified job-seekers, the opportunity to donate to their charitable foundation, request medical records, pay bills, and make appointments online.

Set in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Estes Park Medical Center is a gem of quality care. While we always hope not to end up in the hospital, Estes Park’s facilities and staff are all top notch. Take a look at our latest Montana web development project and visit their new website: epmedcenter.com
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