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My JTech: Improved Workflows and Security

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 03/26/2014
My JTech's File Manager
In situations where you're managing a smaller number of files, we present a simplified interface.
Error-checking in My JTech
My JTech features a number of enhancements when editing and updating your website. Last month we discussed the new interface you’ll find when you log into My JTech and how we’ve made it more intuitive to find and edit content on your site.

This month, we’re highlighting the completely rebuilt File Manager, dramatically improved error-checking and additional security enhancements.

File Manager
The File Manager is your tool for managing files contained within your website. In My JTech, we’ve completely rebuilt it from the ground up. Features include a new, streamlined interface requiring fewer steps to accomplish tasks, support for uploading multiple files at once, drag-and-drop upload support, upload progress-bars, image previews, detailed file information, and more. You’re going to love it.

In My JTech, error reporting is modern and provides a high level of detail. We are now able to validate that data is structurally valid, validate that required fields match and more. All error-checking is now in real time – if you leave a field with invalid data, My JTech notifies you immediately so you don’t have to come back to find any errors after saving.

Our dedication to encryption and security has resulted in a few enhancements throughout My JTech. We’re using industry best practices to secure My JTech and have streamlined our support for inline encryption. Storing sensitive information? We encrypt it by default, and only show the “plaintext” (human-readable) version when you want to edit or update that information.

We’ll have more to share next month, so check back and see what’s in store for My JTech and the future of content management. If your and your organization are interested in becoming beta testers, please contact us!
The new NRTRC website uses responsive web design.
NRTRC's new website.
Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC)
We just finished a great new website for the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) of Billings, Montana. NRTRC is an organization that brings Telehealth systems providers together with those with Telehealth needs. Together they offer technical assistance for developing Telehealth networks and programs to serve communities with inadequate medical resources. NRTRC operates throughout the northwestern United States — Montana, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

The NRTRC’s new website is a resource center providing articles, webinars, coaching, toolkits, white papers, and more to help both seasoned and developing Telehealth providers and customers. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive look at their annual conference — both upcoming and past, with photo galleries and archived presentations from the previous year’s conference. Their new website is easy to use and employs responsive web design to provide an optimal experience on devices of any size.

Take a look at NRTRC’s website to see how local healthcare providers are working together to provide access to quality healthcare for all.
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