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Montana Health Network Updates

by Joshua Reynolds - April 24, 2014
Montana Health Network's Custom Website
This week we’re rolling out a number of subtle improvements to Montana Health Network’s website. As their advanced site has grown — educational courses added and programs offered — we’ve looked at how their staff use the website and how the website’s design can better showcase the great material they’re providing. Websites are a living part of your business or organization, and as your organization’s needs change, so must your site. Even if your organization’s needs remain consistent, you may find that the way you use your custom website differs from what you’d anticipated when it was being designed.

Montana Health Network’s monthly risk management and worker compensation columns are an important part of their offering for members, so our web development team worked with them to create an improved space that showcases that content and allows members to search through the archives. Other updates include greater integration of their brand into the visual styles of the website, better structure for their programs and courses, and new immersive photography of Montana throughout their site.

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