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New Maintenance Plans

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 10/15/2014
JTech Maintenance Plans
JTech is offering new maintenance plans for customers who need ongoing care and updates to their website — whether you need to update your website content, troubleshooting problems your clients experienced while using your site or email, help with social networking, availability to handle emergencies, copywriting, design updates or internet marketing. Purchasing a maintenance plan means you have JTech on retainer for a number of hours that you choose.

How JTech’s maintenance plans work:
  • You purchase a number of hours in advance on a yearly or quarterly basis.
  • You choose a number of hours you think you’ll need.
  • Maintenance time is discounted 20% from our standard hourly rate and is auto billed to your credit card each period.
  • Unused maintenance hours expire at the end of the year or quarter.

Many of you have routine tasks that you hire us to perform, regularly initiate or tweak internet marketing campaigns (SEO and SEM), and make periodic updates to keep your website fresh. Starting a maintenance plan with JTech means you can easily plan your budget in advance, with better rates and an assurance of available time in our production schedule. If you need more time than you’ve allotted, we can still schedule work at the standard rate. We’re excited to offer these news plans and think they’ll be a great fit for many of you. Give us a call to get started!
HRSG User's Group conference registration on a phone.
HRSG User's Group website.
HRSG User's Group
JTech’s Montana web development team just completed a rebuild of the HRSG User’s Group website, adding integrated registration for their Annual Conference & Expo — registrations with a dynamic number of attendees, complimentary code redemption for conference exhibitors, live payment processing and email receipts. This addition adds to their website’s purpose as an extension of their mission to bring together knowledge from plant operations and industry manufacturers to improve steam-plant reliability, durability and profitability.

To top off the improvements, their custom-designed website is now built using responsive website design with a layout that adapts to your screen size for an easily-used experience on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Whether or not you’re a combined-cycle and cogeneration power specialist, we invite you to take a look at their newly rebuilt website: hrsgusers.org
Joshua Reynolds: President and Founder

About Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds is the founder, president, CEO, and chief architect of JTech Communications. His extensive, 30+ year career has spanned management, Internet systems, information architecture, and web technology of all kinds. Josh’s career is defined by reliable, actionable strategies that his clients can actually use to improve their business.

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