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Logo Design for Wade Builders & Associates, Inc.


Custom Logo Design Built to Last for Generations

Our logo design team recently created a logo for Wade Builders & Associates — a high-end Montana custom home builder. Wade Builders has been building custom homes that last generations for 30+ years.

In all that time, Wade Builders never settled on an official logo. Instead, they relied on their name and reputation for marketing. They wanted JTech's help in creating an iconic mark that would stand up to the quality of their work. 
Wade Builders Logo Roughs

What We Did

What We Did

Wade Builders & Associates, Inc. needed our graphic designers to create a logo that:

  • Used a simple, bold Design
  • Included the 'Associates' in their name 
  • Had a simplified, alternate logo version 
  • Honored their history of building custom Montana homes

Our professional logo designers wanted to lean into the legacy of Wade Builders. So, they used symbols reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship. Our design team could have represented the history of Wade Builders in many ways. However, they ultimately decided to design a logo inspired by a round, embossed metal stamp. 

The final Wade Builders logo has two versions. One version uses cut-outs from a solid circle to create a stylized 'W' and 'B' that flow into one another. The second, more detailed logo shows the complete company name 'Wade Builders & Associates, Inc.' in clear, bold lettering. 
Wade Builders, First Refinement
Wade Builders Logo Sketches
Wade Builders Logo Sketches


The bold, simple logo design, logo variations, and visual nostalgia of their new logo gives Wade Builders a solid foundation for their visual brand. 

Both versions of the Wade Builders logo are on their website. The simplified version of their logo is in the header for a simple, clean aesthetic. The complex version of their logo is in the footer to add extra context to their brand. 

We're excited to see the new Wade Builders & Associates, Inc. logo on building sites across Montana. 

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