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Logo Design for SMRTGrid

Their Story

An Energizing Logo Design for a Revolutionary IOT Company

Our graphic design team designed a logo for SMRTGrid, a new IOT sensor company poised to change the grid forever. Their sensors detect falling poles, fires, and other threats to the grid before they happen. Their technology aims to bring an aging grid up to 2023's standards.
SMRTGrid Rough Logo

What We Did

What We Did

IOT devices can often be hard to understand. So, SMRTGrid needed a logo design that:

  • Conveyed the function of their revolutionary grid monitoring technology at a glance
  • Worked across digital and print mediums like their website, packaging, and investor presentations

Our logo design team decided to take a direct approach to SMRTGrid’s company logo. They leaned into SMRTGrid’s primary service — power grid monitoring. SMRTGrid’s new logo design shows a powerline connected to a substation via radio waves.

Our team's logo design choices display a message of constant, evolving connections within the power grid.
The SMRTGrid logo also translates clearly across all mediums. Our graphic designers used blocky lines, simple text, and bold colors to make a complex logo extremely flexible. This means the shape of their logo will always be clear — even if the ink bleeds during printing.

SMRTGrid Logo Sketchs Final
SMRTGrid Logo Sketchs Initial
SMRTGrid Logo Sketchs Initial


SMRTGrid’s new logo has a clear and easy-to-understand design. Their logo will help them as they apply for funding, work with power companies, and grow.

We're excited to see how SMRTGrid will grow in a market that’s ready for change.

Let's work together.