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Logo Design for Heritage Handyman


Designing a Logo To Stand the Test of Time

Our graphic design team crafted a logo for Heritage Handyman that is worthy of their legacy. Heritage Handyman is a Bozeman handyperson service offering resilient repairs and reliable service. 

Heritage Handyman needed a simple, distinct logo that felt local without location-specific details. They also needed a logo that said 'quality Bozeman handyman services' at first glance. They recently relocated from Helena, so a lasting impression was crucial.
The Heritage Handyman Employment Page

What We Did

What We Did

Our logo designers put a modern spin on immediately familiar, nostalgic design elements. For a handyman service, that means a home framed by trees. These modern design choices and familiar elements inspire thoughts of what a home could be.

Heritage Handyman's new logo design tells a story reinforced by their palette's muted greens and golds. Their green conveys a calming vitality, and their gold a sense of quality and value.

The solid, reliable elements our logo design team used also displayed their head handyperson's past in a Hutterite colony.

They needed a logo that would resize well for car decals, print advertisements, uniforms, and more. The Heritage Handyman logo uses negative space and color contrast to define its primary shape. This approach to logo design opens a wealth of logo use cases — from vehicles to business cards. No matter the medium, the lines that define their logo will remain clear and clean.
The Residential home Repairs Service Detail
The Service List Page
The Service List Page


The Heritage Handyman logo our designers created is a mark that their team can lean on. Their logo will easily transition from digital to print, catch attention, and convey their message at a glance. 

We're excited that Heritage Handyman has a modern logo that will help them create a lasting impression in Bozeman.

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