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Enhancements for Leadership Montana

by Joshua Reynolds - September 3, 2014
Leadership Montana Sponsor Levels
JTech's Montana website development team continues to collaborate with Leadership Montana to improve their website. This round of enhancements to their website focuses on Leadership Montana as a hub of networking — between classmates and alumni as well as reaching out into Montana's communities.

We've added an abundance of useful features to the members-only section of the Leadership website, such as the ability to email custom lists of Leadership members and import user-selected groups of contacts into your computer's address book. Other web design and usability updates include both presentation and function enhancements — breathtaking photos of Montana’s beauty, new tiers of sponsorship for Leadership Montana, a blended social media feed to provide updates from Leadership Montana, scheduling and registering for events that span multiple dates and locations, and an improved format for their newsletter, The Leading Edge.

JTech custom-built Leadership Montana's website and is proud to be a sponsor of Leadership Montana as they sow the seeds of leadership and trusteeship throughout Montana.

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