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JTech Goes .digital

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 04/07/2017
JTech registers new domain.

JTech is excited to announce our new domain name — jtech.digital!

Over the last year, new industry-specific top level domains have gained momentum and securing one has a handful of known benefits, including brand protection and better positioning in search results. We’ve helped our clients attain specific domains that would benefit their company, including:
JTech window front.
Why do we love it?
Since JTech opened for business in 1997, we’ve done business under the domain name jtechcommunications.com — we didn’t get there quite fast enough to register jtech.com

Besides being terribly long, the .com suffix of our traditional web address doesn’t convey any useful information about what kind of business we are. Our new name, jtech.digital, helps to solve that issue. Short, sweet, and descriptive of our role as digital visionaries, this name is a perfect candidate for advertisements, our front office window and business cards. The .digital is unusual, memorable, and leaves more of a lasting impression.

Get your new domain name today.
The larger impact of industry-specific top level domains on a businesses’s search ranking is still being revealed as they gain popularity, but the time to claim one is now — while the perfect name is still available. If you need help, contact us — we’d be happy to help you find the name that will benefit you most.

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