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JTech Joins Downtown Bozeman Association

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 02/12/2013
Downtown Bozeman Association
In July of 1997, at 25 years of age, I formed a business in downtown Bozeman, Montana with a friend whose name also began with a J. Our business would help other businesses understand what they could and should do on the internet, and then help them do just that. We called the company JTech Communications, and 16 years later we're in the same building doing the same thing... but what can and should be done online has changed oh, so much.  And for the better.

Today we're announcing that JTech has finally joined the Downtown Bozeman Association and we're thrilled to be a member.  We love downtown Bozeman, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. To celebrate and give back to the downtown that we’re so proud to be part of, we're giving other DBA members 20% off all new website design and development projects.

Thanks to all of our customers and to downtown for 16 great years of doing what we love.

Joshua Reynolds, Owner
JTech Communications

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Joshua Reynolds is the founder, president, CEO, and chief architect of JTech Communications. His extensive, 30+ year career has spanned management, Internet systems, information architecture, and web technology of all kinds. Josh’s career is defined by reliable, actionable strategies that his clients can actually use to improve their business.