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By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 09/25/2012
In all likelihood, you've seen them around. A modern marriage of statistics and illustration, infographics are an attractive way to present information. In addition to looking good, the visual cues present in infographics catch attention and help to process the information being presented. 

Why does this matter to you?
On occasion, we have been known to design infographics. Why would you want one? A beautiful infographic is a quick way to get attention, and often results in links back to your website for better rankings in search results. 

To give you a taste, we designed a simple infographic as a followup to last month's issue of the Dispatch. Consider this a reminder to take a look at our mobile refit kit.

Mobile Internet Usage Infographic
A few of the items needed.
This month we set aside some of our design and production time to build a special website. Heart of Bozeman is a website designed to coordinate relief and assistance to those in need. 

We were spurred to action by the arson at Heritage Christian School, which burned down much of the gym and auditorium. We heard the news, wondered how we could help, and realized that our team could rapidly assemble a website to help facilitate Heritage Christian's classes getting all the supplies they need. 

We envision this site being used not just for Heritage Christian's recovery, but for future relief and recovery efforts in the Gallatin Valley. Have a look at the website — perhaps you have something the school still needs.

Price Rite logo
The New Price Rite Drug
Price Rite Drug is Bozeman's family-owned pharmacy and has been serving the local community for 40 years. We rebuilt their website from scratch to make it easier to navigate and easier for the nice folks at Price Rite to update themselves with the latest news and products. 

Next time you need medical equipment or something from the pharmacy, pay them a visit at N 7th & Tamarack in Bozeman. In the meantime, visit their website.


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