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Why Your Site Needs a Refresh

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 11/07/2018
Great Divide Dental in Helena, MT
From Apple to McDonalds to Firefox — most well-known brands are update their look and feel over the course of their lifetime to keep their brand fresh and relevant, and your business is no exception. Whether you do a full company rebrand, simple design update, or a site refresh, you’ll appear more modern, stand out in your industry against competitors, and reach more customers. We recently did a refresh of Great Divide Dental’s website, which we are excited to show off! We believe the new site better reflects Great Divide Dental’s professional staff, modern office and extensive services. Here are a few areas we worked on —

Highlighting Services
Great Divide Dental’s new website has two tiers of navigation. This focuses attention on the most likely reason for your visit — dental services — in primary navigation while keeping other useful navigation points above, in the secondary navigation. For the refresh of their website, Great Divide also took advantage of our custom copywriting services — we were able to research and expand each service page with in-depth, informative copy, benefitting their search ranking and establishing them as industry leaders in dentistry care.

Custom Imagery
We helped Great Divide Dentistry partner with Ben Johnson Photography to capture real, local imagery for the new site. Custom photography often can draw in customers with a power that stock photography can’t always achieve. Hiring a photographer to shoot your office, staff or atmospheric images from around the town your business resides in makes you appear more credible online

Care Instructions
Going to the dentist is a common fear. Great Divide Dentistry’s goal is to make everyone who comes through their doors feel comfortable, no matter their oral health history. To encourage transparency, we’ve detailed procedure details and after care instructions on the website. The new Care Instructions page includes a search function to quickly find the information you need and various procedure topics to ease anxiety and prepare for post-procedural care.

When It’s Time to Redesign
Great Divide Dentistry’s new, refreshed website better serves their clients, attracts new customers and is more informative to users. If you feel your site is in need of updating, contact us — we’d be happy to talk through some affordable solutions for you.

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