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Montana Ranch Launches New Website

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 11/05/2013
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The new G Bar M website
JTech, a Bozeman web design company, designed and developed a custom website for Montana’s G Bar M Ranch. G Bar M is a working ranch — a gem hidden in Montana’s Bridger Mountains – and is an agritourism destination, involving their guests in care of the horses, checking the fences, and moving cattle from pasture to pasture. They offer hyper-local food to their guests, with beef, pork, eggs, and vegetables all grown on the ranch — food that’s traveled feet or yards rather than miles.

JTech’s Montana web development service created G Bar M’s new website and offers a glimpse into life on the ranch. It features rich textures, immersive photography, and a beautiful video that brings G Bar M to life. The new website assists prospective guests in making reservations at G Bar M and looks great whether your screen is large or small. Pay their advanced website a visit:

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