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Faster page loads ensure customer trust and retention.

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 06/10/2015
Fast page loads are important.
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Your website's load speed has the ability to maintain or lose the attention of valuable customers. Without a speedy site, your business will suffer.

If your webpage takes longer than three seconds to load, you are at risk of losing customers and therefore responsible for lost revenue (1). If your visitors are finding you via a Google search, you are competing directly against other possible resources. A fast page load is favored by search engines and also gives your customers confidence in the quality of your site, while a slow load quickly erodes interest, patience and trust. Even if your site is at the top of search rankings, if it takes too long to load, your visitors are likely to go back and follow a different link in order to get the information they need.

We understand the need for speed on the internet and how it affects visitor rate and eCommerce. Amazon once discovered a 20% drop in traffic from just a fraction of a second delay (2) — although web users seem like an impatient bunch, they’re the driving force behind the success of your online business, proving that speed should always be a foremost consideration in web design.

There are a number of common ailments that cause slow loading times on websites, many of which are related to one-size-fits-all websites powered by WordPress and its ilk: plugin overload, bloated themes, social media widgets, too many advertisements, large images, design theme and subpar hosting. At JTech, our holistic approach to web development resolves all of these issues, ensuring that your site preforms exceptionally, never sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. We offer all customers a managed hosting plan which guarantees optimized code as well as a server that’s quick to deliver your site to visitors. If you have any questions about how to improve the speed of your website, please contact us.

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