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Facebook vs. Instagram Advertising for Your Business

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 02/26/2019
Facebook user demographics.
With the popularity of social media spanning all age groups worldwide, utilizing it to engage customers online is easier than ever. Digital advertising on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways for a small business to promote themselves, but what platform is the best option for you to advertise on? In this post we will be exploring the differences between advertising on the two largest social platforms — Facebook and Instagram — so that you have a clear vision for your next social media advertising campaign.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has the largest user base, meaning it provides you with the widest audience of any platform.

Facebook has:
  • 2.2 billion active monthly users
  • 1.5 billion active daily users
  • A significant global reach — 89% of its users are outside of the US
  • A brand interaction rate of 216%
  • Strong brand referral — users spend 105.55 seconds visiting sites they were referred to by Facebook.

However, while Facebook boasts a high number of users, it does not carry the engagement that Instagram does. Despite this, Facebook still offers a large demographic and a variety of options when it comes to advertising. Facebook sponsored post advertising allows for 45-minute sponsored videos, and the ability to poll users. You can also create Facebook “stories” for users to watch, which is a great tool for boosting engagement if you are running a community event — 300 million people use the FB story function on a daily basis.

Instagram user demographics.
Advertising on Instagram

Engagement is Instagram’s strong point — with an Instagram advertisement, you may have a better chance of getting your users to visit your site. Users spend an average of 192 sec on sites they are referred to from their Instagram feed — more than any another other social platform. While 69% of users watch ads with their sound off.

Instagram has:
  • 800 million active monthly users
  • 500 million active daily users.
  • A significant global outreach, as 80% of users are outside of the US.
  • A share rate of over 95 million photos and videos daily
  • High engagement, with 4.2 billion likes a day

Statistics also show that 30% of Instagram users have bought something they spotted on Instagram. Due to its visual layout, it is a great platform to display products and eye-catching offers either with a picture, video clip or an Instagram “story.” You can add captions or a poll on your story which can be a great tool for determining if users like certain products and asking for feedback.

One drawback of Instagram is that you cannot share links with other users unless you are doing so through your bio or a sponsored ad, which eliminates the possibility of casual link sharing. However, with its strong engagement and visual layout, Instagram is a solid choice for advertising sales, events and products to your Instagram-using customers.

Making the choice about which social media platform to advertise with really comes down to your advertising goals. If you are trying to drive new traffic to your site or move customers through your purchasing process, Instagram is the right choice. Users are 90% more open to interacting with brands on this platform and spend 81% more time on your site upon arriving, giving you the most value out of your advertising budget. If you need to increase site visibility or inform your audience, Facebook is the right choice. With its massive reach and worldwide audience, there is no easier way to raise awareness about your brand. While each platforms has its time and place, if you are limited by budget and need the best response from your efforts, the statistics we discussed suggest that Instagram is the better overall option of the two. With younger users moving from Facebook to Instagram and a higher likelihood of Instagram users purchasing your product, this is the best social platform to place your precious marketing dollars with.

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