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Important Domain Name Opportunity

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 01/21/2014
A strong domain name makes it easy for traffic to reach your website. Photo credit: <a href="https://download.unsplash.com/photo-1429549462610-8dcf74f61550">Unsplash</a>
As February starts, public registration is beginning for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs)
We’ve written about top level domains in the past — the current offerings include things such as .com, .org, .net and .gov. ICANN, the governing body for domain names, recently approved a dramatic expansion to available top-level domain names. The first of these new domain names are becoming available this month.

Already, dozens of new top-level domains are available for pre-reservation: These range from business-oriented domains such as .contractors, .equipment, and .app to the casual realm of .bike, .singles and .today. We at JTech see this as an immense opportunity for our clients to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive website field. A carefully-selected domain name can help your site rank well in search results, ward off competitors, or strengthen your company’s digital identity. Additionally, keyword-rich domain names can also be used to help your business be found in search engines.

We’ve crafted a domain name strategy service as part of our Montana web development to help you navigate these new waters. If you’re interested in improving your company’s marketing and digital strategy with a memorable or targeted domain, we’ll help you to review your marketing goals and craft a plan to acquire and deploy the best domains as they become available.

Whether your company is interested in bozeman.realestate, streetdog.design, sink.kitchen or something entirely different, email us or give us a call. We’re ready to help you build and execute your domain name strategy.
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Montana Health Network's new website
Montana Health Network
JTech’s Bozeman Montana website development team just put the final touches on a new website — a place for Montana Health Network to manage their organization online. Montana Health Network is a consortium of health providers working together to solve their common needs — research, shared services, and deeper networks resulting in better, more efficient and cost-effective healthcare for Montana residents.

Their new advanced website provides partial automation for some of Montana Health Network’s services — online employment applications for their staffing agency, access to schedules and paychecks, a digital catalog of the courses offered, and a secure members section providing a dashboard for individuals’ programs and internal information.

Montana Health Network’s new custom site embodies Montana website design — every page is framed by big sky and Montana photography. Typography, navigation, and iconography is defined in a bold, minimalist fashion that makes the site easily accessible and highlights the rich content they have to offer. Take a look at their offering and see how Montana’s health organizations are working together to improve your well-being: montanahealthnetwork.com

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