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Creating McKennett Law's New Website

by Joshua Reynolds - November 25, 2013
Endless fields and open skies.
JTech’s Montana web development team is in the process of designing a modern website for Williston, North Dakota law practice McKennett, Forsberg Voll & Gjovig, P.C. The new McKennett website will provide a clean, up-to-date look at the McKennett Law’s Williston-based attorneys and their areas of practice, utilizing modern web technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX to create a responsive web design. McKennett’s new website will adapt to screens and devices of any size with a layout that is perfectly optimized for viewing at that size.

Visually, McKennett’s new advanced website will use expansive, wide-open spaces to evoke the areas of North Dakota and Northeastern Montana their law firm serves. The clean, minimalist aesthetic reflects McKennett’s belief in a straightforward approach starting with belief in their clients. JTech’s custom web design and development team has enjoyed working with McKennett Law to plan and develop their new custom site.

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