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Branding is not...

by Joshua Reynolds - April 17, 2014
“Branding is not “a logo”, branding is not “an expensive manual”, branding is not marketing, branding is not superficial, branding is not nice, and branding is not a trick, branding is not multimedia. Branding is shaping the interface. Branding has turned into the discipline of shaping the interface between you and your customer and make the interaction as pleasurable and memorable and real as possible.”
Oliver Reichenstein

We came across this quote and thought you'd appreciate it. It's so important in what we do at JTech, since we build interfaces with which customers interact. To us, yes, branding is visual, but so much of branding is how using everything about a site "feels". That feeling is driven by everything from how quickly the site responds, to smart forms that guide you and help you as you fill them out, to consistency and intuitiveness throughout the site's interface.

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