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Automate Everyday Business Tasks With an Advanced Website

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 09/14/2017
Many industries deal with reoccurring customers’ credit card billing. A few examples are:
  • Wholesalers who sell products by automatic reorder
  • Monthly gym membership dues
  • Amazon Prime’s annual fee
  • Auto-pay through a rental management company
  • FastTrak pass for paying bridge or road tolls

The accounting work required for reoccurring charges such as those listed can pile up, especially if you have a lot of clients. Luckily automation of repetitive tasks is exactly the type of problem our team at JTech excels at solving! Here are two projects we’ve worked on recently that deal with reoccurring payment processing.
Silver Screen Insider
Silver Screen Insider is a robust entertainment database utilized by movie lovers as well as independent movie theater owners. The site is host to marketing materials, movie trailers, a digital publication of the exclusive ShowTime Magazine, games and much more. Sections of this site are available by signing up to be either a free member (a “Fan”) or a paid member (an “Insider”). Insider members have the option of being billed monthly or annually. We’ve streamlined SSI’s payment processing by building them an advanced website which processes reoccurring payments automatically. Features include:
  • Automatic billing reminder emails to members.
  • Secure retrieval of payment details via integration with a payment gateway.
  • Automatically charging members when their annual or monthly fee is due.

This site has greatly reduced the manpower and paperwork SSI staff have to process, and will save their business a substantial sum of money.
Domain Management
We recently added Domain Management to our custom content management system, My JTech. Seamless management of domain names involves auto-renewing domains for clients before they expire. In addition to searching for domain availability, purchasing new domains and transferring existing ones, this new system can:
  • Save preferred payment methods via payment gateway integration.
  • Send email reminders for expired cards on file.
  • Send email reminders for upcoming automatic payments.
  • Automatically process a payment when it is due.

Aside from our consistent security monitoring, all of this is done with minimal staff involvement, ensuring our clients always have the domains they use to do business online without the stress and risk of remembering when to renew.
If you feel you are wasting administrative power on a task that could be automated, come talk to us. We have the technical skill to tackle any business problem, such as automating payments, and are here to save you money and free up time so you can focus on the important stuff — like growing your business and securing your long-term success.
Mira Brody:

About Mira Brody

Mira Brody is an editor, writer, and marketing expert with 12+ years of experience. She has worked as a local news reporter, a writer/editor, and as a leader in large-scale branding strategy. Mira worked at JTech as the staff writer and editor for internal and client projects from March 2015 to December 2019.

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