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Archiving Email

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 11/29/2012
This month's tip is about email. As our customer, you're probably using our email services. Whether or not you are, we have a hint to help you get the most out of your email while possibly saving some money.

Our email services have different pricing tiers, based on the amount of storage space you're using for your messages. There's good news: It's easy to avoid hitting your limit. The trick is to archive your messages on your computer rather than keeping them on JTech's servers. Based on your program of choice, we've provided instructions for archiving your messages using your email program of choice. A quick note before proceeding: If you’re using the POP protocol rather than IMAP, you won’t have any need of these instructions.

Archiving Email Using Apple Mail (PDF)

Archiving Email Using Mozilla Thunderbird (PDF)

Archiving Email Using Microsoft Outlook 2007 (PDF)

Archiving Email Using Microsoft Outlook 2010 (PDF)

Archiving Email Using Microsoft Outlook 2013 (PDF)

Archiving Email Using Windows Live Mail (PDF)
A memorable domain name is a landmark to help visitors find your business. Photo by Joad Hughes (Unsplash)
New Top-Level Domains
Earlier this year ICANN, the organization that regulates domain names, dramatically changed their rules to allow the creation of new top-level domain names beyond the handful we can use today. Top-level domains are the letters that come after the period in your domain name; for instance .COM, .ORG, .NET and .TV.

Beginning next year, potentially hundreds of new TLDs will be made available such as .TECH, .FILM, .BANK, .LAW, .COMPANY, and .FORSALE. Click here for a partial list of proposed new domain names.

This major change means that new top-level domains will become available for commercial registration in 2013 and will offer an alternative to existing top-level domains. A new domain that fits your business well could substantially enhance your online brand and make your business easier to find.

We thought up a few examples that could work well for some of our clients to give you an idea of how you might use these new domains: bozeman.bank for the Bank of Bozeman, leadership.montana for Leadership Montana, or clark.film for Clark Film Buying. In addition to improving your primary brand, the new top-level domains can be used with landing sites to improve your natural search rankings. Karst Stage, for instance, might be able to register yellowstone.bus as a targeted landing page with great SEO potential for tours of Yellowstone National Park.

The first round of top-level domains are still being approved, but they will be varied and plentiful — enough to provide a large degree of customization. If you’re interested in harnessing these new domains, contact JTech soon so we can help you plan a strategy and assist by purchasing the domains you desire as they become available.
Joshua Reynolds: President and Founder

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Joshua Reynolds is the founder, president, CEO, and chief architect of JTech Communications. His extensive, 30+ year career has spanned management, Internet systems, information architecture, and web technology of all kinds. Josh’s career is defined by reliable, actionable strategies that his clients can actually use to improve their business.

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