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Announcing the JTech technical blog.

By Joshua Reynolds - Last Updated on 09/03/2013
Well, it’s been 16 years, but we’re proud to finally launch our humble new technical blog. With this informal addition to our website we hope to engage with other website development professionals about all aspects of our craft – from project planning to ongoing strategic services and everything in between. Each month we intend to write a candid post about the challenges, techniques and triumphs of our work with the hope that we will assist, inspire and stimulate discussion with our peers.

In our first article, Felix Wolfstrom, JTech’s designer, will offer his perspective on our recent foray into responsive design. We’ve always focused on building standards-compliant sites. Ever since modern mobile browsing was launched with mobile Safari, all of our sites have been mobile-compatible. But as mobile browsing has become more and more the norm rather than the exception, we’ve chosen responsive design as our method for addressing our customers’ growing mobile needs.

This website rebuild is our first fully-responsive project – if you’re not on a mobile device now, give it a try by making your window small to see how the site actively adapts to the screen’s dimensions. And don’t forget to subscribe or check back soon for Felix’s article where you can read about the challenges he faced adapting to responsive design.

Welcome to our blog and thank you for reading!

Joshua Reynolds
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