Nikki Reynolds

Nikki Reynolds

Finance Director

Nikki is JTech's Financial Officer and marshals all monetary tasks, including customer billing and JTech's accounting. She has decades of financial management, bookkeeping, and banking experience that help her resolve any client financial queries and successfully oversee JTech's finances. 

Nikki has loved seeing JTech and Bozeman both grow and evolve throughout the years. She has helped build JTech from the beginning and is an unfailing positive influence on our team. 

Nikki's dedication to JTech ensures that our clients can depend on her reliable presence for a long time to come.

Nikki Reynolds
  • Joined JTech1997
  • Fav. Music GenreNew Wave
  • Fav. Video GameCross Logic or Tile Link
  • Useless TalentCan Read Upside Down and Backwards 📚
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