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A New Website for The Wheeler Center

by Mira Brody - August 31, 2016
The Wheeler Center
“An informed people is the basis of, and a necessity for, successful democratic government. The people of the United States are entitled to hear all sides to a question whether it be political, economic, social, racial or religious.”
— Burton K. Wheeler
Our team is building a new site for the Burton K. Wheeler Center, an organization promoting the discussion and scholarly analysis of critical Montana public policy and issues. Established in 1988 and located on the Montana State University campus, this nonpartisan center hosts conferences and promotes events that encourage the participation of citizens in government.

The Wheeler Center’s new website will not only provide the opportunity for a new design, but also some additional features, such as pages that encourage sponsorship and individual donations and to post upcoming events and conferences and provide resources and an archive of event documents. We are excited to get started on this useful resource in our community.

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