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When to Post on Social Media

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 02/08/2016
Best Social Media Times.
Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and whether you watched for the game, the commercials, Halftime Show or the Puppy Bowl, you are a consumer of primetime marketing for businesses all over the country. Just as these corporations scramble to buy a commercial slot during the Super Bowl, you too should be scrambling to market your business on social media when the most people will be watching.

Social media is an effective tool for your business to not only drive more traffic to your website, but also a place to build customer relations and represent your brand. Because platforms like Facebook and Instagram are casual mediums, users more more receptive to personalized, conversational posts, even if they are motivated by business.

We’ve done some research to determine your primetime for posting on some of the most popular social media platforms.

  • Weekdays vs. Weekends — While visitors to Facebook spike on Thursday and Friday, engagement is at its peak (a 17% increase) on weekends.
  • Timing — Call it an after lunch productivity lull, but post shares are highest at 1:00PM while clicks are highest at 3:00PM.
  • Images are consumable — Instagram delivers engagement to brands in the form of clicks, likes, comments and shares 58 times more per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.
  • Case of the Mondays — People seem to be on Instagram mostly on Mondays from 3-4:00PM.
  • Workplace referrals — LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all social referrals to cooperate websites.
  • Timing — The most LinkedIn engagement is on weekdays, namely Tuesdays, between 10-11:00AM.
  • Pinning is winning — Although 71% of Pinterest users are female, most of these gals (29%) are using the site once a week, while 17% visit every single day, presenting a huge window for those using it as a platform to market products.
  • Late-night Pinning — The most engagement is observed on Saturday between 2 and 4:00PM and again from 8:00PM to 1:00AM.
Don’t miss out on your primetime audience! Think of theatre — your performance can be incredible, but if you start an hour after your audience has already left, no one will be there to enjoy it.

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