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by Mira Brody - September 29, 2015
Photo credit: Pixabay

73% of the US population has a social media account (1) and over half of those users check their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at least once a day (2). This is an enormous audience for your organization’s marketing efforts.

We understand many businesses do not have the time or effort to throughly utilize this huge resource. Our internet marketing specialists offer social media packages, customized to each business’s needs. In addition to setting up and launching any desired social media accounts you feel would benefit your organization, we will consistently provide fresh content for you, engaging your audience and driving them to your website.

Your social media sites will constantly be working for you as we follow a custom marketing plan, built for your company’s goals. By expanding your marketing efforts to social media, you can gain the attention of new customers everyday, collect positive reviews and provide customer service, all through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your other social media accounts. If you are interested in greatly increasing your business’s audience and improving your marketing efforts, contact us to put together a social media package today.

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