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Real Time Data in Google Places

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 01/24/2017
Google Places real time.
Ever wondered how busy a store, restaurant or other public place is without having to leave your own home? With Google’s latest update, now you can.
Google Places for business has long been the tool that allows you to control which information Google displays when you appear as a search result. This includes address, hours of operation, customer reviews and images. A recent update to this feature introduces a couple changes that may help your business attract more customers.
Google displays Costco's hours by department.
Live Visit Data
In addition to business hours, there is a “popular times” graph showing how busy the store is on average throughout the day. The most notable change to this graph is the “live visit data,” or the pulsing red bar, showing approximately how busy a business is at that exact moment in time. Google determines how busy a location is the same way they collect real-time traffic data for Google Maps. Those who have opted-in to storing location data on a Google device or application are anonymously tracked and that data is used to provide visitor information to Google Places.

Hours By Department
Another welcome change is the ability to add different hours of operation for multiple departments. This will help our own clients such as Price Rite Drug, who have two departments: a pharmacy and a medical equipment store. Because both departments have distinct hours that vary by weekday, they can now communicate to customers specifically when each is open.

These changes provide your customers with the information they need in order to control their ideal shopping experience. Shoppers who prefer to spend time in a calm environment can now choose that time to spend money at your business while avoiding frustrations caused during peak hours.

If you need help changing any of the information on the Google Places account, such as updating your department hours or address, or have any further questions about how these updates can help you, please give us a call! We’re here to help.
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