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OnSite Energy’s New Advanced Website

by Mira Brody - July 13, 2016
OnSite Energy is Montana's premier solar source.
OnSite Energy is a Bozeman, MT-based company that provides solar electric services throughout the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Owners Conor and Orion are dedicated to making clean energy a future for Montana and needed a new website to represent their business.

The impressive engineering of solar panel installation pairs beautifully with Montana’s snow-capped landscape, so for the OnSite website we designed webpages that display sprawling imagery of their work. Featured projects can be perused on the Projects page, outlining the many community members — including National Parks, non-profits, residents and businesses — who have chosen to go solar! Their site also includes an About Us page that features information about both owners as well as their clean energy-powered office and utility trucks and a contact form so potential customers can get in touch.

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