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Memorial for Musette, Our Beloved JTech Kitty

By Mira Brody & Team - Last Updated on 09/09/2019
Musette, our sweet office kitty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She spent many years loyally patrolling the office
and ensuring we were in high spirits, often sneaking up behind our chairs and meowing loudly when she craved attention. A beautifully-patterned calico with a touch of bobcat, Musette was rescued from a shelter in California and lived most of her 19 years with her faithful companion, Patrick, here in Downtown Bozeman. Musette’s loyalty was heavily slanted towards Patrick and he will miss her greatly.

The office will miss her presence and we are confident she is basking somewhere in a ray of sunshine, surrounded by endless praise and yummy tuna.
“She was so loyal to Patrick and jealous of any time he spent with others that she’d often come across the room and insist on attention from him during internal meetings.  She was well loved and is sorely missed.” – Josh

“I’ll miss Musette patiently posing in a plethora of holiday costumes for staff and clients’ viewing pleasure.” — Katie

“You always had a keen nose for breakfast food. Whether it was to lick a yogurt lid, or nibble on some string cheese, you were eager to taste the flavors of life before returning to your mid-morning nap.” — Mira

“I remember when she used to jump on the counter and walk in front of everyone's computers. She would walk right across your keyboard and keep going, but always slowed down right in front of you to give you a chance to pet her. Then she would turn around and come back the other way back to her chair and jump down.” — Robin

“I always thought it was funny when Musette would wait by the door at the end of the day and wait for both Patrick and me to leave before she’d step outside. Also when she would tap her paw on the cat portrait next to Patrick to get his attention.” — Zach

“Musette, you had the most personality and style of any cat I have ever seen. You were the best morale officer we could have asked for.” — Nick

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