Package Limitations & Restrictions

JTech Communications’ (“JTech”) Website and SEO promotion packages (“Promotions”) are subject to the following limitations and conditions.
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    The Promotions are subject to change and can be discontinued at any time at JTech’s discretion. JTech will make every effort to complete a project within eight weeks from the client’s contract approval date but is not guaranteed. The project timeline and completion will be based on JTech’s production schedule and can also be impacted by factors such as holidays, the timeliness of client feedback, and additional feature requests that fall outside the scope of the project.
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    Website Packages | Bundles

    The Promotions include up to five website Bundles — a Bundle consists of common pages, database tables, and functionality that creates the structure of a working website. Bundles that are not included in the Promotions are the “E-commerce”, “Calendar”, and “Photo Gallery” advanced and simple bundles. The client can elect to add any of these aforementioned Bundles for an additional cost, which would be estimated separately and may incur additional production time.
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    Bug Fixes

    The Promotions include free bug fixes for life of the site while it is managed by JTech. At the time of the site’s construction, it will display properly across commonly supported browsers and devices. If future browsers or devices no longer support the site in any way, the site can be modified by JTech for an additional cost.
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    Logo and Branded Materials

    Promotions that include producing a new logo require a creative development process consisting of:
    • The design of 10 thumbnail sketches
    • A refinement of 3 rough draft compositions, and a final composition
    • The final composition allows for up to 2 revisions
    • Digital filetypes of the final logo, including EPS, PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats
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    Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing Services are provided by a payment processing partner. Merchant processing accounts require separate approval, and they are subject to standard processing rates and fees.

    Included in these services are one-on-one assistance to secure the best rate structure, processing provider, and options; Seamless credit card payment processing and integration for e-commerce websites; Hands-on implementation and training with ongoing support.
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    Hosting and Site Maintenance

    The Promotions include three months of hosting on JTech’s servers, site management, and ongoing support. The client can elect to host the site on JTech’s servers beyond this three month period at JTech's then prevailing rates.
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    Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) Services

    The Promotions include one month of SEO services. The client can elect to extend these services for an additional cost, which will be billed as ongoing work. The results of JTech’s SEO Services will be documented in a one-time digital marketing report that will be presented to the client.
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