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Laundry Loops is Live!

by Mira Brody - May 3, 2017
A new website for Laundry Loops.

Peggy and Mike are the inventors of Laundry Loops, a laundry bag alternative that has helped many commercial laundry facilities operate more efficiently. Instead of a large, mesh bag, the laundry strap groups clothing — from shirts, pants, shorts, socks and hats — for sports teams, military bases, correctional facilities and other industries who require commercial laundry management.

This new website not only focused on an upgraded design (provided by O’Berry Collaborative,) but was inspired by the company's desire to streamline their administrative operations. Instead of customers calling to order loops, we built a much improved user experience to encourage purchases be made easily through the website. The site processes payments from clients all over the world and Laundry Loops employees can manage orders easily from My JTech, our custom content management system.

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