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Is Your Web Design Meeting Your Digital Marketing Goals?

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 08/10/2018
With any online business, it is important to carefully measure and track your marketing analytics. Sometimes, improving your marketing strategy can start with your web design. Here are a few key performance metrics that can be improved with web design to keep you moving ahead.

You should always keep an eye on your visitor analytics; where they are coming from, how they are interacting with your site and whether they are new to your site or returning.

Optimize for new traffic by organically applying keywords in your content. The Gem Gallery is a great example of this — by designing their navigation around their services, we were able to incorporate top keywords, such as “Yogo Sapphire” “Montana Sapphire” and “Engagement Rings” into the core of their site.

These keywords attract visitors using search engines to find jewelers who sell Yogo and Montana sapphires and set The Gem Gallery high in search results — above even Wikipedia.

In addition to driving new traffic to your site, you’ll want to continue taking good care of your return visitors. Silver Screen Insider does a good job of this — this entertainment industry database and marketing service puts effort into constantly changing the content on their homepage, with movie trailers, news articles and box office results. This keeps things fresh for their loyal customer base and maintains their good search ranking, as Google favors a consistent stream of original content.
Dr. Clean calls to action.
Dr. Clean calls to action.
Where do you want to see conversions on your site? Do you want people to complete a purchase, fill out a contact form or read about your services? You can drive your site visitors to meet all of these conversion goals, and many more, through the language and placement of your calls to action. On the site of Dr. Clean, for example, after a brief introduction of the professional cleaning business, we placed a call to action that will invite the visitor down the page to a more extensive exploration of their services. From the services section of the page, our goal is then to drive people to their contact form to complete a contact action. In this way, the design of the website helps the flow of traffic to the desired end result.

Exit Rates
Identify where people are leaving your website — then evaluate those pages and the path taken to the exit carefully. First, determine whether it is a page you want people to leave from, such as a purchase confirmation or contact thank you state. A few common examples of why someone would leave a page unexpectedly could be: broken links, an ineffective call to action, or page load time. If all of these are looking good, try adding a call-to-action — you could refer them to your blog or contact form to eliminate any dead ends and keep them engaged on the site.

Although design and digital marketing may seem like separate departments, you will get the most out of your website if they work together as a team. An effective website will always be designed around what you want your visitors to do and make their experience a good one, therefore keeping them on the site and encouraging them to become a returning customer. If you feel like your marketing statistics may be failing due to poor web design, give us a call — we’d be happy to evaluate and provide solutions for you and your customers’ pain points.
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