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New Format For JTech Dispatch

by Mira Brody - May 20, 2016
Ever wonder which apps can help your business work more productively?
What about tips on how to drive visitors from social media to your website?
How to get the most out of your merchant service provider?

We enjoy sharing web development and marketing industry news that will help you do business online, including articles with answers to all of the above questions. In 2011, we introduced the JTech Dispatch and today, we are expanding this publication list into a comprehensive digest.

The JTech Dispatch will continue to be delivered to subscribers once monthly, but instead of focusing on highlights from a choice few, this mailer will include all of the JTech Blog postings in an easy-to-read list. This way, you can choose which are the most relevant to you. Look for the first JTech Dispatch in June!

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