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Don’t Let User Experience Stagnate

by Mira Brody - May 25, 2016
Blog filters make for easy navigation.
On the JTech Blog, we publish weekly articles about web design, web development and SEO with the purpose of educating you about exciting changes in our industry and providing tips that will help you do business online. Over the last year, however, we’ve found ourselves a little lost when looking back to reference previous articles. There were just too many to scroll through!

The good news is that this frustration inspired the us to improve our site. Our solution in this case was to design a sidebar with topic filters and a search field to help sift through the large volume of articles. Since this change, finding articles related to a topic the user is searching for should be a much easier task.

Web design enhancements, no matter how big or small, are a great way to increase workflow and make your customers happier. Check out our new JTech Blog or contact us today if you are interested in evaluating and improving your site’s user experience.

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