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How Infographics Boost User Engagement

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 12/09/2016
As of 2015, the average human attention span has reached a new low — eight seconds. That’s down from the previous average of 12 seconds, and a second less than that of a goldfish. As content marketers, it’s our job to take advantage of this window of time in order to properly engage our audience. A great way to do this is with an infographic.

Why are infographics so effective?
Infographics, when utilized properly, break down complex information and data into a visual, making it easier for readers to digest. They are sharable, engaging and give you a chance to represent your branding in content.

Easily Consumable
Humans are visual creatures. We remember:
Infographics are easily consumable.
Traffic lights are more often than not, a symbol.
Faster Processing
We can recognize and process a symbol in 150 ms — which is why we have symbols, rather than text, for road signs, which need to be comprehended quickly.
Memory Retention
Three days after reading an article, we recall:
Infographics help memory retention.

Eye tracking studies show that we focus in on graphics and imagery that are relevant to the topic on the page more than the text itself. We also spend more time on a page with visuals.

What can infographics do for your business?
Benefits of using infographics.
John Snow's famous map of cholera cases during an epidemic in London.
The use of infographics to display data is not a new practice. For thousands of years people have been using imagery to attract readership and display data, from the first world maps, to tracking the movement of Cholera through London to uncover its cause, to political cartoons to express an opinion.

Adding an infographic to your sales or marketing strategy is a great way to communicate important information in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Although not all information can be communicated effectively in one, utilizing the power of an infographic is a useful tool for all those looking to give their digital content a marketing boost!

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