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By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 11/17/2015
Next FX's multiple image uploader.
In the past, uploading images and files to websites has been a clunky and inconvenient experience for the end user. The typical upload control consisted of a single upload button and a short text field. The primary issue with these primitive controllers is the lack of user options and feedback provided during the process of uploading, leaving the user powerless and often confused and frustrated.

Thanks to updated browser support, a variety of relatively new technologies allow us to improve this experience by developing robust file and image upload controls for the custom sites we build for clients and in our advanced content management system, My JTech. We support image, file and multi-image uploads with the following functionalities: drag-and-drop, editing and crop tools, progress bars, error states and original file naming.

We’ve put a lot of effort into our custom website image and file upload controls in order to make them a much more enjoyable experience to use. To learn more about the web development techniques we’ve employed, check out our exploration of these features in this month’s technical blog.

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