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A New Website for Holt Rawlins Refrigeration Repair

by Mira Brody - December 11, 2017
Our team just completed a new website for Holt Rawlins Refrigeration Repair. Based in the Livingston and Bozeman area, Holt Rawlins specializes in commercial appliance repair from industrial refrigerators, ice makers, to other large cooking and cooling equipment. Owner Holt is highly educated in electronics and industrial electrical design and experienced in servicing most major appliance names.

For this website, we built a clean, single-page scrolling site that includes a home page, services with service detail, about us and contact us form. The new site will allow Holt much higher visibility in search engines, and shift his target market to commercial refrigeration jobs by repositioning and optimizing his keywords and overall site content. We invite you to check out the new site here.

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