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Healthcare-Malpractice.com Goes Live

by Mira Brody - November 3, 2015
Healthcare-Malpractice.com isa resource for victims of malpractice.
We’ve been developing a website for Healthcare-Malpractice.com and are happy to have recently launched phase two!

Healthcare-Malpractice.com helps victims of the healthcare system discover whether or not they are owed compensation for their alleged medical malpractice incident. Through this site, victims submit information detailing their unfavorable experience and the case is referred to healthcare professionals who will help determine if malpractice occurred. The site will then facilitate an attorney to take on the victim's case.

All of this is made possible through the implementation of dynamic forms and a complex email notification system, keeping users engaged and encouraged through the process. On the administrative side, our client can easily manage the site’s backend through our content management system, My JTech, ensuring that all victims receive information unique to their particular case. Additionally, to help victims cope, Healthcare-Malpractice.com allows users to read, share and comment on article posts, offering a place for discourse, support and education.

This site represents a complex and large system, executed through a variety of different phases. As this phase gains momentum, our team will be working on additional features that will allow both healthcare professionals and attorneys to sign up and ease the assistance they provide victim members of Healthcare-Malpractice.com. The process will become more and more efficient, completely changing the way victims of medical malpractice regain justice for their suffering.

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