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Google Maps Highlights Areas of Interest

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 10/03/2016
Google has recently made a few changes, not only to their search results page, but also to another very popular feature: Google Maps.

Along with a redesign of their mapping system, they added an algorithmic change that highlights areas with a high concentration of restaurants, bars and shops called “Areas of Interest.” Areas of Interest show up in a light orange color as you pan and zoom around the map. For example, the most concentrated blocks on Main Street in Bozeman, MT are highlighted here:
Google's areas of interest.
If you’re a business trying to attract out-of-towners who are probably relying on features like Areas of Interest to direct them where to stop and shop, you’ll probably be concerned about where your business lands on a map with a color key like this.

Although the algorithm is still being worked through to refine its accuracy, users are noticing a few problems with the initial release, such as its subjectivity, and how it relies on the socioeconomic activity of the other businesses around it. For example, Dave’s Sushi, although a popular dinner spot, is just outside of the boundary; a mere block away. Although areas of interest may change as Google adjusts their algorithms, now is a great time to make sure your Google Places account is up-to-date with your business’s current information to give yourself the best chance at being highlighted. If you need help with your Google Places account, reach out to your digital marketing consultant or give us a call today; we’d love to help you be more visible to your customers.
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