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Goin Mobyle

by Mira Brody - February 12, 2016
Goin Mobyle.
Finding the extraordinary in the often overlooked.

As Brian and Louise explore North America and the world, they keep a daily chronicle of their stories and photos of their journey and share them on their travel blog, Goin Mobyle. Organized by trip, their posts illustrate in great detail the types of flora, fauna, geography, people and much more that they experience along the way.

A trip through Spearfish Canyon, for example, warrants vibrant photography of cascading waterfalls, rugged canyon walls, bright ivy foliage and a closeup of a grasshopper accompanied by their observations. Through these journeys, Brian and Louise hope to inspire fellow travelers to set out and adventure beyond the main interstates and off the beaten path to seek out hidden gems others may pass by.

We’ve begun development on a new website for Goin Mobyle, including a fresh logo and aesthetic. When completed, their new site will establish a more interactive and build a robust audience for their travel blog in order to attract sponsors and advertisers to join in on their endeavors. The site will also serve as a source of ecommerce for Brian’s photography prints among other pieces of fine art.

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