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How to Engage Followers With Facebook Live

By Mira Brody - Last Updated on 10/17/2016
Facebook live for your business.
Earlier this year, Facebook launched a feature called Facebook Live, which allows users to post video in real-time to their newsfeed. Followers can then leave comments and reactions to the livestream as it plays, allowing for more timely conversation and immediate feedback. Mark Zuckerberg said of Facebook Live, “This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”

Here are a few examples of ways businesses have successfully found a new marketing outlet through Facebook Live to engage more of their social media followers:
  • Famed Food Network chef, Alton Brown wows fans by posting what he claims to be “the first live cooking demo on Facebook” with 20 Second Scrambled Eggs. More entertaining than simply posting a text recipe, especially with Alton’s well-known antics, the 15-minute video got likes, shares and comments in the ten-thousands.
  • Bozeman, MT’s local news station uses the feature often to broadcast events around town, such as the opening day of a new bike path, a ribbon cutting ceremony for the city’s new solar panels, or funny behind-the-scenes moments with staff members. Without the studio, stage lights and teleprompter, these social media video clips make the news, and the people broadcasting it, more personable. Using Facebook Live at the scene of a fender bender can deliver news in a timely manner and engage newsfeed browsers more than a status update.
  • The Centennial celebration at Yellowstone National Park included a sold-out concert at the Roosevelt Arch. So more people at home could enjoy the festivities, the National Park service used Facebook Live to stream this historic event.
  • From NASA astronaut Scott Kelly to Presidential Debates to discussions about HBO’s newest show, Westworld, Q&A sessions have been hugely popular on Facebook Live, captivating people straight from their phones and computers. Streaming interviews straight on a user’s social newsfeed boosts viewership because they don’t have to schedule any time around it; they just view it as they’re browsing Facebook.
Hopefully this helps spark ideas about how your organization can utilize this new Facebook feature to your advantage! To learn more about Facebook Live, check out their interactive Live map, or talk to our marketing team to learning more about how you might put it to use.

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