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Estes Park’s Special Offerings

by Mira Brody - October 27, 2015
Estes Park Medical Center gets some site additions.
Estes Park Medical Center, a longtime customer of JTech, is offering special classes and educational programs as a part of their Wellness Initiative for those looking to make improvements in their lives. In order to showcase these great offerings, we’ve added a new dynamic section to their site that can be easily managed and changed as new classes are offered. The new page will reside under the current Patients & Visitors menu and will include optional flyers and downloadable class materials. Estes Park has the option of featuring individual special offerings on other sections of their website where appropriate to garner more attention from site visitors.

This will be a great addition to an already robust advanced site and will bring greater prominence to the array of beneficial programs the Estes Park Wellness Initiative continually offers their community.

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