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We’re making some exciting changes to our News Page.

by Mira Brody - January 21, 2016
In the past, we’ve supplemented our website with technical and business-related articles as well as weekly announcements. To start off the new year, we’ve adapted a few changes to this publication process:

Flexible, consumable content. We have a lot of experience in the technical world and we want to share what we believe will benefit your business in the most consumable way possible. Browse between marketing and SEO tips, industry happenings, company announcements and other articles discussing web design and development.

Locate what you need or browse what you want. We’re rebuilding our news page to include categories and a search filter, ensuring you can find specific articles or simply browse a subject you are most interested in. Also in the works is a “related content” display, which will show suggestions based on the tags your are using.

We hope these changes will be beneficial to you and your success as we continue to build custom solutions and knowledge-share to help you thrive online.

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