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JTech at the Turn of the Century

by Mira Brody - February 23, 2017
Back in 1999, not many people had a website yet. The idea that your business could exist online was a new concept and only the big names, such as Amazon, Google and eBay had a strong online presence. Recently, we did some digging and came across some JTech history; in honor of our 20th year, we’d like to share it with you.

“Coming Soon”
Although it is now obsolete, some of our early websites were built using Adobe Flash. To anticipate the launch of JTech’s first site, we built a “Coming Soon” video in Flash. It can be enjoyed here (turn on your audio for the full effect) —

Our First Site
The first JTech Communications website was available in a Flash or HTML version. While we don’t have a copy of it up and running, we uncovered this screenshot from the internet archives for old time’s sake —
JTech's first website.

Oh how far the web has come! We hope you’ve enjoyed this flashback into some of JTech's history. As a company always focused on state-of-the-art and future technology, it’s fun to revisit our roots and see works of the past.

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