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Top 5 Tips To Help Your Businesses’ PPC Campaign

by Matt Williams - June 30, 2021
Define Your Campaign Goals
Every ad campaign needs clear direction from the start. Without a roadmap, your business will get lost along the way and your campaign won't be successful. Before spending any money, define your campaign goals - who you want to market to, and why. Depending on your business needs, your goals may look like:
  •  Increasing website traffic
  • Gaining new subscribers
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Growing total sales

Whatever your goal is, define it and then work backwards to create a strategy to accomplish that end goal.

Define and Segment Your Audience

Now that you know what you want to market, you need to decide who to market to. This is even more prevalent with digital marketing. Reaching out and connecting with the wrong people will waste their time and your money. By defining and segmenting your audience, you can target specific groups who are at various points in the buying process. The best way to define your audience is to ask yourself some pointed questions, such as:

·      Who you are currently reaching?
·      Who do you want to be reaching and why?
·      Am I targeting the correct demographic (age, gender, buying habits, lifestyle choices, geographic location, etc.)
·      Are there subgroups of the target demographic that need to do additional work to capture?
·      Am I actually capturing the correct markets?

These questions can be answered through data collection and analysis, and by engaging in a conversation with your customers.
Focus on High-Performance Keywords

Now that you know who you are targeting, you need to figure out how to reach that specific audience member. This can be done through using high 
performance, longtail-keywords in your ads. A high-performance keyword for
one company may be entirely different from one for another, even if they are 
in the same indus
try and marketing to the same people. These keywords are based on your business goals. If you want a higher conversion score (more pe
ople converting to a user of your business), your keywords would be more product specific to mention what you want to sell now!
Make Sure Your Pages Are Mobile Friendly

When 48.33% of the global population uses a smartphone, your ad needs to be mobile friendly. When  ooking at your  ustomer segmentation and goals, 
your target customer may only use their phone and never a desktop. The more your ads can work across different platforms, the more customers you will reach. Ensure your landing pages are mobile friendly and have shorter keywords, as mobile users are more likely to type using the least number ofwords possible.
Track Your Campaign

While you do not need to sit at your computer, refreshing your campaign page every 5 minutes, a savvy business owner will monitor and tend to the needs of a campaign. This includes checking which ads are performing well and then seeing why they are performing above the rest. If it is in-line with your campaign goals, you can adjust ads to push spending onto the higher performing ads to reach more of your target demographic. Some industry insiders would say to pull the money from the higher performing ads and try to raise up the lower performing ones, which is up to the business and should reference what the goals and market dictate.
Success is Close, You Just Need to Reach Out

Using these tips and tricks, your PPC campaign will be better than ever. Start with your goals and then define who you are selling to. Following that, focus on your best performing keywords and keep cell phones in mind to reach your target audience. With all those done, track your campaign and guide it to success. The success of your campaign and your company is in your hands, it just needs to be driven to the finish line.

Call to Action: Whether it is your first time or your tenth this year, it is always good to reexamine your strategy for a PPC campaign. Let us help you grow your business - reach out and schedule a Consultation today!

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